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Joe Bagby Memorial

Remembering Joe Bagby, Founding Father of Heaven 97 KHVN

In Memory of  Joe Bagby

Founding Father of KHVN…with the Lord May 8, 2009

Joe Bagby was a pioneer, leader, broadcaster, pastor, musician and innovator who brought Gospel Music to KHVN, the Metroplex and the nation.

To nearly everyone Joe met, he became a friend, brother, uncle, mentor and father in the faith. His well lived life and his legacy that remains in our lives and hearts will never be forgotten.

The KHVN leadership and staff thanks you for remembering Mother Bagby and the family in your prayers.

Joe Babgy Day

Stay tuned for more information as we plan to celebrate Joe’s birthday in June 2011.

Share Your Thoughts…

We invite you to share your thoughts and memories of Joe using the form below. Submissions will be posted after review.

I miss hearing his voice so much.  As a young wife, mother, homeowner his words of wisdom guided me through a many rough days.  My rides to work where so peaceful and comforting.  Now that I am a mature wife, mother, and buisness owner I cant help but say I owe part of that to him.  Although I didnt meet him personally I feel like I knew him well…..and I am grateful for the show.
– Dredaria

Bro.Joe, as i called him, is and still the best radio person in the world! When my grandfather came out of the hospital from a massive heartache,Bro.Joe, put together a benefit concert for my grandfather-Pastor C.C. Robertson and we had a standing room only concert at the Bexar Street Church. The benefit guests consisted of great artists from far and near. Names- The late James Moore, Carnell Murrell and NuWork, and many others. So, Bro.Joe, I do not no, But I do no this, and that is, God must have needed your voice on his heavenly radio station.
– Carlton Robertson

I remember listening to his voice on Heaven 97 as a child on up to my young adult life…. I never met him but I could tell through the spirit in which he would broadcast, he was a God fearing man who loved the Lord and His people.
– Crystal Brackens

Bro. Joe loved what he did, and he loved the Heaven 97 community.  I know you miss him; the Dallas community misses him.
– Donna Patrick

Joe was a real help to me a whole-lot of times.He always had the right answers for me, like the time i got kicked out of school, and did not know what to do. Joe told me to go a congressmen to handle the problem. The school was closed for loan fraud.I hope there will always be a Joe Bagby Day
– Reginald Daniels