How Gregory Cheadle’s Life Spiraled After Trump Called Him ‘My African American’ (Watch)

Life for Gregory Cheadle has been hell ever since President Trump pointed at him at a 2016 rally and said, “Look at my African American over here! Look at him!”

Appearing Tuesday on “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon,” Cheadle described how being singled out by Trump at the June 3rd rally in Redding led to angry voicemails from family and friends, his Facebook page filled with people calling him an Uncle Tom and the N-word, folks threatening physical harm, and his girlfriend called it quits because she didn’t want to be associated with him.

Cheadle said he went into hiding over fears for his personal safety and left the Republican Party due to Trump’s racism. He’s now an Independent and leaning toward the Democratic ticket because he likes VP Candidate Sen. Kamala Harris. But as of now, he’s still undecided about which ticket will get his vote in November. Watch his interview with Don Lemon below:


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