Three Steps to Take for Getting Your Skills Ready for the Future of Work

Three Steps to Take for Getting Your Skills Ready for the Future of Work

The future of work is changing faster than anyone can predict, and this change is being driven by advancing technology. While the recent pandemic was certainly a major disrupting force, given it has pushed millions out of work, technology will cause a different type of disruption. While more traditional jobs may disappear, new jobs based on the technology will emerge as a result.

In fact, this trend can already be seen today amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Brookings covered how artificial intelligence and robotics are going to take advantage of this pandemic as they rapidly begin to take over the various business industries. Keeping this change in mind, employees today need to be sure that their skills fit into this turbulent future. Doing this will require introspection and honesty with yourself about what skills you don’t have and where you could improve. Fortunately, there is a multitude of ways to develop skills key to the future, and the three below are only a few examples.

Take Up a Programming Language

As far as skills pertinent to the future of work go, few are as important as programming. It doesn’t matter which programming language your focus on in particular, as any knowledge of programming can go a long way in the future of work. With that said, Python and JavaScript are two popular options that a wide variety of jobs have evolved from.

In the debate over which programming language is the smarter option to learn for the future of work, Python vs. JavaScript, it all depends on what you could see yourself doing with the language you learn. If you don’t really know what you would like to do, then Python would be the better option. However, if web development sounds enticing to you, then JavaScript would be the better option.

Regardless of which programming language appeals to you more, there are numerous highly rated coding bootcamps that can teach you either language. Attending one of these online camps can be done in conjunction with the job you hold now which makes it a great option for anyone looking to pick up a new skill on the side. 

Find a Vocational School Near You

Similar to coding boot camps, vocational schools offer courses in a specific field. Unlike coding boot camps, however, this form of education is often more extensive and lasts up to a year for some schools. In 2019, The Atlantic covered vocational, also called trade, school attendance has begun to rival traditional educational sources such as colleges or universities.

What makes this option so appealing to anyone looking to revamp their skill set for the future of work is the fact that classes can be taken online while retaining a full-time job. Certain schools, such as Thinkful, even offer tuition deferment options so you don’t have to pay upfront if you are unable to.

There are vocational schools all around the country offering a wide array of courses in numerous tech occupations that can help you prepare for the future of work. Revamping your skills can be a difficult task, but using sources such as vocational schools can speed the process along.

Attend a Traditional Online Degree Program

While boot camps and vocational schools are a great way to acquire skills needed for the future of work, a traditional online degree program from a university is still a fantastic way to gain top-notch skills. Keeping this in mind, online degrees can still be earned from a college that is specific to certain fields.

For example, game design colleges have become popular in recent years. As artificial reality continues to take off and gaming systems become more complex, graduates of these colleges will be high in demand. This is just one example of a field-based college and there are numerous options that can suit your interests. 


Acquiring the skills needed for the future of work is not an easy process and will require you to take up additional education. However, through this, you will be able to develop a skill set that many of your peers may not boast. Standing out in the future of work will require action today and the development of key skills that will make you a dynamic employee in the future. Relying on your current skill set will only take you so far, and new skills must be developed if you hope to survive the evolving workforce.


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