Heaven 97

Robert Ashley

News Director, Host of KHVN’s Community Forum
Monday – Friday: 6 am – 10 am
Monday – Friday: Noon – 2 PM

Dr. Robert Ashley is a man committed to living a life that glorifies God and God alone. Dr. Ashley believes getting a good education and living the Christian life are the keys to successful living. Dr. Ashley says, ‘Religion has been lived out rather than just talking about it . . . You have to be about it.’ As the only son of March and Girlesta Ashley, I have the responsibility of carrying on the family’s name. It is my goal to be the best Husband, Father and Brother in Christ to everyone I meet each and every day. I also live as if I’m going to meet Jesus in the next five minutes, something I picked up from the late Coretta Scott King. She told me that’s how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. lived. If you were to meet Jesus in the next five minutes, would you be ready . . . ?

You can follow Robert on twitter @robertashley4.

“What being a radio personality means to me”:
It means having the Will of God control your life. It means being on the front line of God’s Spiritual Warfare.

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