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Sherry Smith


Host of the Midday Praise Show
Producer of the Community Forum
Weeknights 10am to Noon

Sherry feels her entry into broadcasting was somewhat predetermined though it was not in her original career plans. She had always planned to go to college to major in English, and perhaps become a writer. However, winning a high school writing contest altered that route completely.

Sherry grew up in a military family and had lived around the world, but fate took control when her family returned to the state. They got stationed in Indian Springs, Nevada, a small community 50 miles outside of Las Vegas.  She won the VFW high school writing contest and had to record the winning entry at a local Las Vegas radio station. While making the recording, the announcer told her she had a great speaking voice and asked what she planned to study in college. She replied “English” and he suggested she reconsider and try broadcasting. She was not one to have a lot of attention directed at her and told the announcer studying broadcasting meant she’d have to be in front of a lot of people.  She was not comfortable with that idea at all, so English it would be.

A year later while registering for English classes at the University of North Texas, fate intervened again. She had to pass the TV Production registration table to register for one of her English classes.  Dr. Glick, the professor who taught the class, called out to her and said she looked like she should be in that class. She declined, saying she was going to be an English major.  Sure of his instincts that she had a “different and special quality”, he made her a challenge, she wouldn’t have to be in front of anyone and if she didn’t like the class she could drop it. Well long story short, she did have to get in front of people, and true to Dr. Glick’s instinct that there was “something different and special about her” she was more of a natural than she realized. His encouragement prompted her to graduate with a degree in Journalism and a minor in Drama, and the rest is history.

Sherry has worked in television in the news room, and in radio as a talk show host.  She has also worked in the nonprofit sector, another area of work she loves, and transitions between the professions often. Highlights from her journalism career include doing several interviews with the late world renowned actors Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis; the late Yolanda King, daughter of famed civil leader Martin Luther King (she encouraged Sherry to pursue a law degree); Xernona Clayton, civil rights activists and Corporate Vice President for Urban Affairs at Turner Broadcasting (it was she who helped Coretta tell her children of Dr. Kings death); Dr. Ben Carson (when he performed his historic surgery on the first set of conjoined twins); Dr. Joseph S.L. Abbey, former Ambassador of Ghana, and many more. She has also garnered several awards, certifications, and accolades from both professions.

Sherry was born in Corsicana, TX, but spent her childhood in Ft. Worth and San Angelo, TX, which she considers home. She has lived in China amongst other places as an Air Force dependent. She is the parent of one child.

What does being a radio personality mean to me:  It is the opportunity to satisfy my curiosity about new places, things and people. Every day is different and the impact you have on others, and they on you, is always an amazing feeling. Connecting at the very basic level of communication, which is talking, is a phenomenal thing!